ST24C08-M1 1x8 SO8

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1 MILLION ERASEWRITE CYCLES with\ 40 YEARS DATA RETENTION\nSINGLE SUPPLY VOLTAGE:\ ヨ 3V to 5.5V for ST24x08 versions\ ヨ 2.5V to 5.5V for ST25x08 versions\ HARDWARE WRITE CONTROL VERSIONS:\ ST24W08 and ST25W08\ PROGRAMMABLE WRITE PROTECTION TWO WIRE SERIAL INTERFACE, FULLY I2C\ BUS COMPATIBLE BYTE and MULTIBYTE WRITE (up to 8 BYTES)\ PAGE WRITE (up to 16 BYTES) BYTE, RANDOM and SEQUENTIAL READ MODES\ SELF TIMED PROGRAMMING CYCLE AUTOMATIC ADDRESS INCREMENTING\ ENHANCED ESDLATCH UP PERFORMANCES \ This specification covers a range of 8 Kbits I2C bus\ EEPROM products, the ST2425C08 and the\ ST2425W08. In the text, products are referred to\ as ST2425x08, where "x" is: "C" for Standard\ version and "W" for Hardware Write Control version.

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